08 October 2005

Another way to incorporate kimchi into a meal...

Okay so I lied, I've still been a lazy blogger... I did work a LOT in France in September and all my pictures were home in London so that's sort of an excuse. But basically I was just lame. Anyhoo, I never was very good at keeping daily journals, so you'll have to put up with my sporadic appearances.

That said, one thing I do actually do daily is eat (and in true Hobbit fashion, more than 3 meals a day if I can help it!). When I am not too greedy and I remember, I try to record some of the more interesting things I put in my mouth, ahem. I've been experimenting more with Asian food lately, having had such an overload of French (as good as it was). Below is my version of that Korean classic, Bibim Naeng Myun.

I don't have an exact recipe, but here's what I do:

First I make Braised Beef (I buy beef shank for some yummy texture) by scalding the beef with boiling water to remove impurities then putting it in a big pot with water, soy sauce, Shaoshing wine, ginger slices, whole spring onions, brown sugar, and a spice bag with cinnamon, star anise, fennel and clove. Bring it to a boil then cover and simmer for a couple of hours.

Then you have to make the chilli sauce. Take some kochu jang, add some soy, sesame oil, sugar, 7-Up (yes, seriously), and vinegar. Mix it up to taste.

Prepare a thin omelette with a couple of eggs, a pinch of salt, some water and a splash of Shaoshing wine, then cook up a very thin omelette (in 2 batches if you have a small frying pan) which you will slice up once cool. Julienne some cucumber, kimchi, Asian pear if you can get some. Cook up some Korean myun (noodles), rinse under cold water and toss with the chilli sauce you made earlier. Transfer to a large metal bowl, top with finely shredded beef, cucumber, omelette, pear and kimchi. It tastes delicious and I think it looks pretty too, don't you? Try it, you'll like it!


Anonymous said...

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fook said...

Kimchee is good with practically anything, except maybe ice cream.

The title for this entry was very interesting.

I do eat Italian and Mexican food with kimchee. It refreshes your taste buds and adds heat.

Evil Jonny said...

Oh, making me so hungry. After I mix my noodles with the sauce, I normally place them in the freezer for about five minutes to get them real cold and yummy. Drooooool.

7-up, wow. What's up with this soda thing with gochujang? I've heard about it before. Apparently you aren't the only one.

Vivilicious said...

Thanks for dropping by Fook and EJP!

Yes, when I was in Korea, the ajimas were using that cider stuff, you know what I mean right? So here I use some sort of 7-up to add that touch of sweetness...

Sometimes my family has a naeng myun-a-thon with both bibim and mul versions. My cousin is the king though. Whenever he goes out to eat Korean food, he always orders a bibim naeng myun as an appetizer! We're not worthy.

gerald said...

I love Naeng Myun in the summer when its hot and sticky outside.

I've heard of 7-up in galbi marinate, but never in a chili sauce? I've got to try it next time.