04 April 2006

A long overdue pig...

You may notice a theme starting to develop about pigs. Whilst not specifically planned, it is not surprising given my love for all products porcine.

To say a proper farewell to London, we booked a big meal at St. John, one of my favourite restaurants there. For those St. John's virgins out there, it is situated fittingly next to the Smithfield meat market. St. John's is also high on Anthony Bourdain's favourite list, so much so, he wrote the intro to Chef Fergus Henderson's book, Nose to Tail Eating and is rumored to have kowtowed to the man himself upon eating there for the first time. I always thought Bourdain was my kind of chef!

The 18 of us had a grand time, dining extravagantly on roasted marrow bones with sel gris and parsley salad, skate with endive and anchovy, rhubarb trifle and apple crumble with Jersey cream. But the main event was the whole roast suckling pig that we had pre-ordered.

As you can see, I decided that no part of the pig should go to waste and started in on the head, something my squeamish friend would have preferred to not witness.

Personally, I actually think the Chinese do the best suckling pig, with skin so crisp it almost shatters as you bite into it, but then again you'd probably say I'm biased. Still, this was one of the best meals I'd ever had in London, largely due to the whole package of food, wine, great service and of course, the excellent company. So long, 'ol Blighty and Singapore here I come.

(For those anywhere near London, please do me a favour and try this restaurant out, you won't regret it!)
St. JOHN Bar & Restaurant
26 St John Street
Reservations: 020 7251 0848