04 August 2006

"Healthy" eats

Okay, okay. I know what you all must be thinking after my last few sporadic posts. All I've been talking about it pig, pig, pig and then some. And I've never been shy of my use of fats, animal or otherwise. Here's the thing though, working on Anne Willan's new cookbook in Burgundy has quietly and subtly been expanding my waistline and backside more than I realised. And in the few months since I moved to Singapore, I found that I can no longer hide all the flab under jumpers and such as I could in the UK. Major problem. Plus, I've forgotten how hot and sweaty this place is on a daily basis. And fat people must sweat more right? (I may not be exactly fat, but I sure rank high on the sweat-o-meter!). So I have been on something of a health kick.

Hard-to-believe, but I joined a gym and have been going pretty faithfully 5-6 times a week. I even got a personal trainer for chrissakes! The hardest thing has been eating though. When I knew I was going to move to Singapore, I dreamt of all the delicious delights I would soon be savouring; Hainanese chicken rice, char kway teow, Hokkien prawn mee, the list went on. But when my trainer handed me a list of things to avoid in my diet, these dishes I had been looking forward to were all banned. That's right, all on the Top Ten List of Do Not Eats. Eating out in Singapore is cheap and tasty, when you are NOT on a diet. But in my situation, I resort on a regular basis to Yong Tau Fu and Fish soup. When I'm splurging I may go for sushi, but that's it.

Let me get one thing clear however. I actually like those "healthy" foods. Even in my quest for a fitter bod, I refuse to sacrifice flavour. Happily, it seems to be working, the flab is diminishing bit by bit. Though you won't be seeing a bikini shot here anytime soon, I can fit into my trousers again hoorah. Long may the effort continue!