16 May 2005

A step back in time...

Madrid is a bustling, on the go city where people, literally, do not stop. But if you ever want a break, be sure take it at Casa Lhardy on C/ San Jeronimo near Puerta de Sol. There is something so utterly charming about this shop, from the dark wood, to the silver samovars (serving consommé!), from the uniforms to the friendly chatter (and free samples of goodies!). I thought I died and went to heaven. In 4 days I went back 3 times, I loved it that much. While everything I had there was delicious, they had the most kick ass croquetas in town (and I get them everywhere as a test of the kitchen's prowess). They are my new gold standard. In fact, no photos of them cause I scarfed them down faster than you can say croquetas!

The shop that time forgot...

Hojaldritos @ Casa Lhardy

Hojaldritos up close and sooo flaky!

I do not have a sweet tooth, I love these, need I say more?

Palmares, plain or choco?

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johanna said...

hey vivian, i remember madrid and its food with much nostalgia too... haven't been in a while now, but could "kill" for some churros dunked in hot chocolate!!!
Next food blogger meet will be a picnic in Henley on the 2nd of July (partners, friends, etc are also invited), so I hope you can make it! Check out Andrew's website www.spittoon.net or jeanne's http://cooksister.typepad.com/cook_sister/2005/06/lifes_a_picnic_.html for details! See you there, hopefully, if not, be back in touch for the next one! take care