29 December 2005

Hooray for BBM3!

Better late than never is a motto that I apply to my life, daily I might add. so When my BBM3 package arrived from Gabs, I was thrilled as I thought it had gone missing. The lovely goodies I received were:
A yummy jar of Fig & Ginger Jam
A funky box of Green Tea Mints
A box of the classic See's Candies (a California institution it seems)
A Williams-Sonoma catalog
A Sur la Table catalog
Food sections from the NYT and the SF Chronicle
Flyers from Mollie's
2 of her family recipes handwritten on festive cards
And a really nice note!

So thank you thank you, Gabs. Plus, another bonus is that my BBM3 recipient so very kindly sent me a thank you package, how about that? (okay I did go a bit overboard with the goodies, but I was having fun). Carol from Celadon Cupcake included a bag of Mint M&Ms which only appear at Christmas, a lovely handmade card and note, a recipe for Peppermint Bark (which I've been looking for!) and a pompom to wrap it all up.

It's true what they say, give and ye shall receive (gosh I'm full of clich├ęs today). Anyway, let's hear it for BBM and Cathy for organizing. It's been great fun.

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