26 January 2006

EBBP...aka goodies time!

What a lovely surprise I had yesterday when my EBBP package from Jeanne at Cook Sister! arrived. Yipee! For those of you who don't know, our dear Cook Sister! is from the Southern Hemisphere, South Africa to be exact and given the "Comfort" theme, her treats were representative of home.

From the photo (starting from bottom left going counter clockwise) you can see that lucky 'ol me got some Koeksusters (where her blog name is derived from, clever gal!), a sort of syrup soaked fritter. I don't have a sweet tooth, plus I am trying to atone for my gluttonous ways of the past 3 weeks, but I just had to try some. And I can see why they would be so addictive, chewy, yeasty, syrupy and fatty at the same time, what's not to like? Move over Krispy Kreme...

I also had some Biltong, the air-dried beef snack. Like jerky, but so much better. I've had Biltong before, but never of this quality and this item is even, dare I say it, diet-friendly ;-)

Lunch Bars, Jeanne's favourite choccie bar from back home. I am still saving this but they are in the fridge for next week (if my willpower holds out).

Bobotie is a dish that I have heard about but never tried. Then the Hairy Bikers (a BBC Television food series) just happened to make it on their show last night, how about that for a coincidence? Now I have the spice pack to give it a go myself, I can't wait and will do so after this weekend (Chinese New Year and all that).

Rooibos tea was next on the list, a tea I already like so was thrilled to receive another package of it, plus it's the honey version. It's gotta be better right?

Finally, a not-so-South African ingredient, but one that Jeanne rates high on her comfort food list, lentils. I really like them, too, having whipped up a sausage and lentil stew for my cousin's bar staff last week. But Black Beluga lentils are one variety I have yet to try and with Jeanne's suggestion of boiling them, tossing through some sauteed onion, garlic, mushroom and topping with feta or halloumi, well, my mouth is watering as I type.

So thanks, Jeanne! I love my little bit of South Africa and hope you had as wonderful a parcel as I did. And thanks also to Johanna for organising, despite the crazy holiday season. Long live EBBP!


Jeanne said...

Hi Viv

Glad you had so much fun! I only though after I had posted it that I should probably have tried to include a few more savoury things, given your lack of sweet tooth... But I couldn't resist sending you koeksusters - they're so hard to describe and yet soooo addictive! The Cruga biltong is definitely one of the better brands on sale here, although I have also had some from a company called Cape Gold which was excellent. And I hope you enjoy the lentils - perfect in this chilly London weather ;-)

J said...

hi viv, sounds like a terrific package brimming with goodies...score! also, want to wish you a happy lunar new year!

Vivilicious said...

Hi Jeanne, you bet I had fun. So great to get a gift that keeps on giving. I'm a hoarder so will try to draw out my pleasures for as long as possible. So every time I nibble a piece of biltong, koeksuster or other, I will think of you! Thanks again...

Hi J., I know, aren't food parcels great? Happy Lunar New Year to you, too! How will you be celebrating? I am hosting a party for 50 tonight so have been prepping for about a day and a half now, wish me luck!