07 February 2006

I am not a vegetarian...

...nor did I marry one, need I say more?

Well actually I do. This gorgeous hunk of beef is from the Ginger Pig, my favourite butcher in London. In fact, it is one of the things I will miss most about London when we leave. Without a doubt, the Ginger Pig's porky products are excellent (please please please try their Gloucester Old Spot bacon before you die. Oh and their sausage roll is a thing of beauty, too), with their products coming from their own farms up North. However, all the other meat is pretty top notch, too. This rib of beef is one example and all my guests were well pleased with the goose I bought for Christmas supper (which left me with a litre jar of goose fat, hurrah!). Poulet Anglais, my favourite chicken breed, is sold there as well.

If I ever have the money to build a house, I will copy their cold room and have animal carcasses hanging there, ready and waiting. Beautiful!

Run, don't walk, to have a look for yourself.

Ginger Pig
8-10 Moxon Street
London W1U 4EW

TEL: 020.7935.7788


Mona said...

Ha, nice picture. Take a bite outta that one, I dare ya!
Thanks for the butcher recommendation. Will definitely remember that and pass along to Swimster.

Santos said...

ahhh, all my friends in london are vegetarians, bah. hopefully we can meet up before you leave so i can indulge in some carnivorous deeelights :)

Anonymous said...

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Vivilicious said...

Hi Mona, Yes do pass the word along and I hope you get a chance to visit it yourself!

Santos, all your friends here are veggies? How can that be?! When are you here so we can be carnivores together?

Daffy, I've sent you an email, hopefully I can help one way or another...

J said...

hi viv, what an absolutely gorgeous hunk of meat! btw, how are the preparations for moving to our tropical climes coming along?

Mona said...

hey viv, haven't forgotten about you. how's the move going?

ivan said...

It's a beautiful thing.