01 October 2006

Meet Thelma

Finally! After almost 5 months of squatting in (very generous and tolerant) friends' places, serviced apartments, etc., S. and I have found a home. And what a place it is! For someone who loves to eat and cook as much as I do, the kitchen is truly a manna from heaven. Not huge, but very well equipped. You can tell the owner is a chef...

The star of the show though is Thelma, the Viking Pro range that rules this roost. She is powerful, sleek and positively humming with BTUs. Though not as eloquent as David Leite's ode to his Viking, I feel just as strongly, be still my beating heart. I have been getting used to her power; a few burnt dishes are justifiable sacrifices to the shrine of Thelma. Success stories? Beautiful evenly cooked cakes, slow braised lamb shank, wok-fried anything, the list goes on.

Here's to the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

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