26 April 2005

A healthy supper (for once!)

Well, after a rather self-indulgent weekend (so what else is new?), I thought a healthy meal would be in order. After all, we all told to eat fish, especially oily fish like this mackerel to get our quota of EFAs (essential fatty acids).

Maybe so, but how about just because it's delish and so easy? I just asked my fishmonger to behead, gut and take out the central bone. I sprinkled salt and Colman's mustard powder (quite a lot if you like a kick) on each fish, flesh side up in a pan and grilled them for only about 6 minutes total. Then I served them with a beetroot and corn salad in vinaigrette, chives, chervil and some new potatoes crushed with rocket and crème fraîche. No sauce necessary as the oiliness of the fish, plus a squeeze of lemon are all you need. Sorry about the fuzzy photo, was in a rush to eat!

A healthy supper (for once!) Posted by Hello