20 April 2005

There goes the healthy eating...

Had one of those days where comfort eating is the order of the day, you know what I mean...

My digital camera was not charged up so you won't get to visually share in my gluttony, but here goes:

Lunch was a pork trotter braised in soy, wine, sugar, ginger and spring onion until it was almost falling off the bone (gosh I love bone-sucking!). So bad for me yet soooo good.

From Chinese I went to All American mac 'n' cheese (yes the boxed Kraft kind, sometimes you just want that industrial flavour) for dinner.

Then over to France for a snack, Pain Poilane with St Marcelin cheese and some duck rillettes. Yummers!

Highly caloric day, but then I did spend a good time of it vacuuming : - )

Hasta luego!

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