30 December 2005

An ode to the yuzu

I have long admired J.'s blog, she of the gastroporn site, Kuidaore. One of her recent posts particularly stuck out, the cookie swap one. I am convinced this woman should produce food this beautiful (and surely as delicious as it looks) for a living, but in the meantime, I will try to learn, humbly, from her site.

I was in Lafayette Gourmet in Paris ten days ago and happened across some fresh yuzu. An ingredient I was vaguely familiar with in Japanese cuisine, I had never handled it myself. So I bought a few and brought them home. There they sat, knobbly and green in my fridge.

I tried to decide what to do with them until I remembered J.'s post. Et voilà! My slightly more rustic version of the beautiful sablés seen on Kuidaore. Still taste good though. Now I have to experiment further with this intriguing citrus fruit, any ideas anyone?...


J said...

hi viv, those look utterly gorgeous! yuzu is also terrific in any ponzu-style sauce to go with seafood. i especially love grating the zest over things like salmon or tuna tartare...can't wait to see what else you'll use it for!

S said...

hi viv, these are not at all 'rustic'. They're be-yoo-tiful!

obachan said...

Great job! Absolutely beautiful looking sablés.
If you like Japanese dishes that use miso, one idea is yuzu-miso. It is good with boiled daikon like this, or good for glazing meat/fish. (But to make this miso,you need to wait until the yuzu turn yellow.)

BTW, I tagged you for the Too Much Information Meme. Thanks for participating! :D

keiko said...

Hi Vivlicious, these cookies look beautiful indeed. I miss Yuzu so much, I can't get them here in the UK.

foodnerd said...

try using yuzu in a glaze for poultry. I have had guinea hen in a yuzu glaze/sauce at Blackbird here in chicago and the two flavors work very well together. as in, spectacularly yummy. :-) mmmm... I may have to try those cookies, if i can lay hands on some yuzu somehow.

Vivilicious said...

Hi there Foodnerd!
Thanks for droppin' by my site. Yuzu is indeed delicious and I also use it in a doy dipping sauce for shabu shabu or grilled meats, really lovely and piquant. The guinea hen dish at Blackbird sounds amazing,I'll have to try it next time I am in Chicago.
Can you buy yuzu easily?

Vivilicious said...

J., Thanks for your kind words, you were my inspiration after all!

S., I appreciate your comments as well, given the fab-looking food you turn out.

Obachan, the MEME is done, thanks for letting me play along. And for the great yuzu ideas.

Keiko, I know, too bad you can't find them here in the UK, that's why I was so shocked to see them in Paris and had to get them.